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93-11_phaseII_fpcPhysical Map for 93-11, Phase II.
MH63_PhaseIIPhysical Map for Minghui 63, Phase II.
MH97_PhaseIIPhysical Map for Zhenshan 97, Phase II.
ZH11_phaseII_fpcPhysical Map for Zhonghua 11, Phase II.
Nipponbare_fpcPhysical Map for Nipponbare, Phase II.
O.glaberrimaPhysical Map for O. glaberrima (Accession number: IRGC 96717), Downloaded from OMAP.
O.nivaraPhysical Map for O. nivara (Accession number: IRGC 100897), Downloaded from OMAP.
O.rufipogonPhysical Map for O.rufipogon (Accession number: IRGC 105491), Downloaded from OMAP.
OR_BaPhysical Map for O.rufipogon (Accession number: IRGC 106424), Downloaded from OMAP.
IRGSP_version5Pseudo for Nipponbare of Build 5
IRGSP1.0Pseudo for Nipponbare of Os-Nipponbare-Reference-IRGSP-1.0
9311Pseudo for 93-11 of earier version
93-11_new_virsionPseudo for 93-11 of updated version
Maize_version2Pseudo for Maize (B73).
Sorghum_bicolorPseudo for Sorghum_bicolor.
Brachypodium_distachyonPseudo for Brachypodium_distachyon.

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Reference: C. Soderlund, W. Nelson, A. Shoemaker and A. Paterson (2006)
SyMAP:A system for discovering and viewing syntenic regions of FPC maps
Genome Research 16:1159-1168.